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Evening Safari With Dinner Buffet ( Standard Camp )
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Dubai, UAE
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Tour Timing And Features
Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 5 Hour
Pickup: 02:45 PM
English / Arabic


Get aboard a luxurious 4x4 land cruiser to start a brilliant journey through the charming Arabian desert as we delve into an evening desert safari with a dinner buffet. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder in which lovely vistas, elated adventures, and a tasty dinner buffet look forward to you. Be a part of us as we unveil the mesmerizing delights of the evening safari with a widespread camp experience, providing an experience that is sure to leave its mark on your memory for a very long time.

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Baby Seat
Wheel Chair
Free Cancels

Tour Description

A Trip To Remember in the Desert Sands

Take a break from the congested city life and get in to the majestic wilderness setting. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your body’s blood vessels as you navigate the rolling sand dunes with your motorized 4x4 vehicle. Be ready for a breath-taking ride across the sand dunes in a bid to make your heart pound and get all excited.

Enthralling Sunset Views

Enjoy and behold the evening vision as the sun sets behind the wide outland, casting its golden rays. Take amazing shots amidst the varying hues, and allow the tranquility of the wilderness landscape to sweep all over you. Sunset scene photography is also included if you book an evening safari with dinner buffet standard camp tour with Dxb Holidays. The safari guides will click your photos with your loved ones during a 10-15 minute photo stop.

Trendy Camp Extravaganza

Get to the standard camp, mostly organized to offer an authentic desert feel. The camp works with a traditional 3-star seating arrangement on the carpets and cushions, creating an inimitable atmosphere for the evening while letting you experience the traditional Arab culture. For those who love to smoke, we have the option of the famous “Hubbly Bubbly Sheesha” on a designated table.

Dune Bashing

After enjoying a 40-minute ride from Dubai to the Al Aveer Desert, you will get to experience 25–30 minutes of jam-packed adrenaline rush from the adventurous ride of the extraordinary dune bashing.

Unwind with Camel Rides and Cultural Experiences

Enjoy the camel rides that form part of Arabian history while on tour inside desert safaris. Imagine what it is like to be an actual desert inhabitant when riding on top of these magnificent animals and getting to know their importance in their culture. We offer a small camel ride for you to experience the exquisiteness of riding a camel.

Tantalize your taste buds with a dinner buffet

Sample a sumptuous dinner buffet that includes different continental and classical desserts. Relish Arabic grilled meats and fragrant rice dishes, along with a vast selection of mouthwatering cakes made of the highest quality ingredients. Savor a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of your choice from the variety of local and international cuisine.


An evening desert safari with a dinner buffet at a standard camp is the right way to get away from the ordinary and immerse yourself in a world of first-rate reports. Lose yourself within the mesmerizing allure of the desert panorama, take pleasure in delectable Arabian delicacies, and be captivated with the aid of cultural performances that exhibit the rich heritage of the vicinity. Whether or not you are looking for journey, relaxation, or gastronomic delights, this unforgettable safari promises to create lasting reminiscences. So hurry up and book your experience now and enlighten your spirit with an enchanting evening within the vast Arabian desert region.


Pick & Drop by SUV

Pick & Drop by SUV

Pick And Drop By SUV provides you with a practical pick-up and delivery service by 4x4 vehicle from your location in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman. A thrilling journey across the red sand dunes will be provided for you, with stops made for sunset photography and sandboarding. A camel ride, a traditional Arabian welcome, and a sumptuous BBQ buffet meal at a Bedouin campground are also included. You can watch live performances like Tanoura dancing, belly dancing, and fire shows there. You can also attempt henna painting, wearing an Arabic outfit, smoking shisha, and drinking Arabic coffee. With our VIP desert safari, you'll experience the desert like a king or queen.

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Al Aveer Desert

Al Aveer Desert

Your Dubai desert safari tour will be truly outstanding if you choose the Al Aveer Desert. Al Aveer Desert, which has an international track record for excellence, goes above and beyond to provide an unforgettable adventure. Their knowledgeable staff of guides is dedicated to showcasing the Arabian desert's beauty and offering each visitor individualized service. Al Aveer Desert offers a broad selection of activities that appeal to all tastes, from exhilarating dune bashing to camel riding and musical performances. By selecting Al Aveer Desert, you can fully experience the allure of Dubai's desert landscape and make lifelong memories.

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desert Safari dune bashing

Thrilling Dune bashing

Driving a 4x4 car across the sand dunes of the Dubai desert is known as "dune bashing," and it is an exhilarating activity. It is one of the most well-liked things that Dubai Desert Safari, a business that specializes in offering amazing desert experiences, offers. Anyone who enjoys adrenaline and excitement, as well as those who wish to discover the beauty and diversity of the desert landscape, can benefit from dune bashing. Depending on the expertise and preferences of the driver and the passengers, dune bashing can be done at varying levels of difficulty. The vehicles have safety features, and the drivers are qualified, seasoned guides who are familiar with the difficult terrain.

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Camel Riding

Camel Riding

Try camel riding on a Dubai desert safari if you want to learn about the city's rich history and culture. By doing so, you can journey in the footsteps of Arab Bedouin travelers and experience the wide and stunning desert scenery specially and genuinely. The "Ships of the Desert" are peaceful and amiable camels, which you can join in a camel caravan and ride for 45 minutes. The Arabian Oryx and other desert wildlife will be visible for you to view and photograph, and you can also take in the tranquility and quiet of the desert. After your camel ride, you may unwind at a camp decorated in the Bedouin style and take part in customary activities like music and dancing.

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Photo with Falcon

Photo with Falcon

Having your picture taken with a falcon by Dubai Desert Safari is among the most unforgettable experiences you can have in Dubai. Falcons are magnificent birds that have long been employed for sport and hunting on the Arabian Peninsula. They serve as a representation of the history and culture of the UAE. The Dubai Desert Safari gives you the chance to interact closely with these incredible animals. Expert falconers can teach you about their background, training, and maintenance. Additionally, you can strike a unique photo with them in front of the breathtaking desert scenery as a memento of your journey.

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desert safari dubai

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a thrilling activity that lets you explore the vast and beautiful sand dunes of Dubai on a four-wheeled vehicle. Quad biking at Premium Desert Safari Dubai is suitable for anyone who loves adventure and wants to try something new. You don't need any prior experience or license to ride a quad bike, as our professional instructors will guide you through the safety procedures and provide you with all the necessary equipment. You can choose from different quad bike models and packages, depending on your preference and budget. You can also combine quad biking with other activities, such as camel riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, and more.

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desert safari dubai

Dune Buggy Ride

If you are looking for an exhilarating adventure in the desert, you should try the dune buggy ride at Premium Desert Safari Dubai. This is a thrilling experience that lets you explore the vast and beautiful sand dunes of Dubai in a powerful and safe vehicle. You will be guided by a professional instructor who will teach you how to drive and maneuver the dune buggy on uneven terrain. The dune buggy ride at Premium Desert Safari Dubai is suitable for anyone who loves speed and adrenaline. The dune buggy ride at Premium Desert Safari Dubai is a must-do activity for anyone who wants to experience the best of the desert.

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Evening Snacks

Evening Snacks

A range of refreshments is available at Dubai Desert Safari to suit various tastes and preferences. In addition to traditional Arabic fares like hummus, falafel, and shawarma, you may also enjoy meals from other cultures including pizza, burgers, and pasta. Indulge in some sweet delights like dates, baklava, and ice cream, as well as some energizing beverages like tea, coffee, and juice. The camp's comfortable couches and carpets are where the evening munchies are provided while you relax and take in the view of the sun setting over the sand dunes. Additionally, you can view live performances of tanoura dance, fire shows, and belly dancing.

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Henna Painting

Henna Painting

The Dubai Desert Safari, a well-liked tourist destination that provides a variety of activities and entertainment in the Arabian desert, is one of the greatest locations to experience henna painting. The henna painting session, where you may select from a variety of designs and patterns to adorn your hands, arms, feet, or legs, is the main attraction of the Dubai Desert Safari. The talented and hospitable henna artisans can make stunning and complicated designs that complement your style and personality. They may also teach you more about the background and significance of henna art. Henna painting is not only entertaining and soothing, but it's also an opportunity to engage with Dubai's rich and varied culture.

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Photo with Arabic Dress

The famous Arabic costumes save one from the hot winds and sandstorms that are quite prevalent in the desert. You get a chance to experience the majesty of it while enjoying desert safari trips. Take snaps with family and friends to make the memories forever.get a glimpse of the real Arabic life and culture.

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Sheesha ( on Table)

Sheesha (Designated area)

A premium desert safari is a perfect setting for a sheesha session. You can admire the stunning views of the golden sand dunes, watch the sunset over the horizon, and feel the cool breeze of the night. At a premium desert safari, you can choose from a variety of sheesha flavors, such as apple, mint, grape, or rose. You can also request a special sheesha with fresh fruit or ice. The sheesha pipes are clean and hygienic, and the staff is friendly and attentive. You can sit back and relax on comfortable cushions or Arabian carpets, and savor the aromatic smoke of your sheesha. Sheesha at a premium desert safari is an experience that you will not forget.

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Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Middle Eastern traditional dance known as belly dance features exquisite hip, torso, and arm movements. The dancer's vibrant attire draws attention to her moves and curves. About 20 to 30 minutes into the performance, the dancer may occasionally request the crowd to join her on stage. A fantastic way to explore Dubai's culture and beauty is through a desert safari with belly dancing. The belly dancer's talent and charisma will wow you as she transports you to the rhythm and vigour of the desert. For anyone visiting Dubai, a belly dancing safari in the desert is a must-do experience.

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Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Try a dinner buffet beside a desert safari in Dubai if you're seeking a special eating experience. Every taste and inclination is catered to at a supper buffet by a desert safari. You can select from regional specialties like spaghetti, pizza, and burgers or classic Arabic fare like grilled meats, salads, hummus, and breads. Along with soft beverages, tea, and coffee, you can have desserts like baklava, dates, and fruits. Alcoholic beverages are often available as an add-on for desert excursions. It is the ideal approach to take advantage of the desert's beauty and friendliness while indulging in a feast of flavors and entertainment.

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Tanoura Show

Tanoura Show

The Tanoura show, a traditional dance performance that highlights the region's rich history and traditions, is one of the most mesmerizing features of a Dubai desert safari. The Tanoura show is typically performed at a desert camp where visitors can partake in activities like camel riding, sandboarding, and henna painting as well as a great BBQ supper. The show is the ideal way to cap off an exhilarating day of dune bashing, where you can feel the rush of driving a 4x4 across the sand dunes. Additionally, you may see the magnificent sunset over the arid countryside and get some breathtaking pictures.

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Fire Show

Fire Show

The fire show is one of the Dubai Desert Safari's most exciting and amazing attractions. The artists in the fire show use their talent and bravery to handle fire in a variety of ways, including spinning, juggling, breathing, and eating. Following a great barbeque dinner and various entertainment alternatives including belly dancing and tanoura dancing, the fire display is typically presented at night. The guests gaze in astonishment and adoration at the brilliant display of fire and light, which is the ideal way to close the night with a bang. Everyone who comes to the Dubai Desert Safari must witness the fire display, which is appropriate for all ages.

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Detailed Tour Itinerary

Pick up and Drop off, Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding, Sunset Photography, Camel Riding, Evening Snacks, Soft Drinks, water, Tea, Coffee, Live BBQ Dinner Buffet and Live Entertainment Shows.

  • Pick & Drop & Timings
  • Hotel or Residence Pickup in Dubai
  • We'll collect you directly from your hotel or place of residence within Dubai.
  • SUV Comfort for Pickup and Drop-off: Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable ride in one of our SUVs for both pickup and drop-off.

Scheduled Timings:

  • Pickup will occur between 02:30 PM and 02:45 PM, while drop-off is estimated to be around 09:00 PM.

Sharing Transfer Details:

  • Our SUVs can comfortably accommodate up to 7 guests, which includes the driver. When opting for sharing transfer, you'll be sharing the ride with other guests, with a maximum of 6 guests per SUV, depending on reservations.

Private Transfer Option:

  • For a more exclusive experience, choose our private transfer option. In this case, the SUV will be entirely private, exclusively for your group of 1 to 6 guests.

Dune Bashing & Desert:  

  • There are two deserts for Dune Bashing Al Aveer Desert and Lahbab Desert Al Aveer Desert: Located just a quick 30-minute drive from the city, Al Aveer boasts small brown dunes, setting the stage for a 20-25 minute dune bashing adventure. 

Lahbab Desert:

  • A bit farther, at approximately 60 minutes from the city, Lahbab Desert is home to the Red Dunes, the largest in Dubai, and an absolute paradise for dune bashing and photography enthusiasts. When you opt for the Red Dune Safari, this is where we'll take you.

Dune Bashing:

  • Desert off road driving called dune bashing it’s like a roller coaster ride. Before we kick off the thrill, our expert drivers ensure your safety by conveying and deflating the tire pressure. This step is crucial for a smooth and exciting ride over the dunes.
  • You'll spend 20-25 minutes on a wild and thrilling dune bashing journey, which also includes some fantastic photo stop opportunities. Capture the beauty of the desert as you ride the dunes, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Sand Boarding & Sunset Photography:

  • Once you reach the highest dune, we’ll witness the most magical sunset from above the top our driver will take your pictures and guide and provide you a sand board for sand boarding.
  • Sand boarding is not like snow board it’s just for experience & to take pics you can try as many times you want guide will assist you.

Camel Riding & Quad Biking:

  • Camel Riding is provided when you reach the camp. Small camel ride at designated area is provided just for the experience. If you want to add the long camel ride experience you can 30 0r 60 minutes you can add it as an additional option.
  • Quad Biking is not included in the package you can add it as an add on we have different type of quad bikes for kids in a designated area & for adults in open desert self-drive with the tour leader who will show you the track.

Desert Safari Camps:

  • After Dune Bashing you will reach at the same Starting Point. 10 Minutes Stop to Pump up the tiers & drive to the Desert Camp. Another 20 Minutes' Drive to Reach to the Desert Safari Camp. You’ll be seated on the 3-star camp.

Sheesha & Henna Painting: 

  • Sheesha ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ selected Flavours at Designated area is included. Sheesha On table service selected flavor additional charges.
  • Henna Painting is included and available at the camp. Evening Snacks & BBQ Dinner. Once you reach at the camp Soft Drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta) Fresh Juice, Water, Tea, and Coffee will be available guide will explain you. We have a buffet with food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • If you're a vegetarian, you’ll be seated on the separate table.
  • There’ll be live barbeque dinner buffet and live entertainment shows like traditional Tanura show, Fire show and Belly dance. Entertainments
  • At 3 Star Camp there will be 3 Live Shows 1st Belly Dance by Female Artist. 2nd Tanura Show Preform by Male Artist 3rd Fire Show Perform by Male Artist.

Major Difference in Safari Packages:

There are 4 Main Desert Safari Packages which are most likely sold.

  • Evening Desert Safari Standard: Dune bashing at al aveer desert, small dunes, consider 3star camp, Standard Dinner Buffet & 3 Entertainment Shows.
  • Evening Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner Quality Camp: Dune Bashing at Lahbab Desert, Red Dunes Biggest Desert in Dubai, Camel riding, Henna Painting, and Sheesha with Dinner Buffet & 4 Entertainment Shows.
  • Red Dune Desert Safari with 4 Star Camp: Dune Bashing at Lahbab Desert Red Dunes Biggest Desert in Dubai Sand Boarding, Camel Riding, Photo with Falcon. Once you reach camp you’ll will see 2 different areas one is regular and one is premium. You’ll be seated in premium section. This section has separate premium dinner buffet ( variety of food is different from regular section)
  • Premium Desert Safari with Majlis & ATV: In this Package everything is same as Red Dune Desert Safari 4 Star Package in addition to that you get 30 minutes quad bike at open desert with tour leader. At Camp Private VIP Air Conditioned Majlis with Food on table Service
  • After the show finish you will go with same safari guide with whom you came
  • If you booked private vehicle and you want to leave early you can go early the vehicle will be dedicate only for your group/family.

Additional Information

Private Transfers

  • If you want private transfer, you can select option as private transfer at the time of booking or else you can message/call/email us.

Safari Guide & Vehicles

  • When it comes to your adventure in the stunning Dubai desert, trust in the best. Our safari guides are not just knowledgeable and passionate; they are also proudly approved by the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). They have experience of minimum 6 years. This means you're in safe hands, and you can be sure your journey will be as smooth as the golden sands you'll traverse.
  • Our vehicles are equally impressive, meeting the stringent standards set by DTCM. They are designed for both safety and comfort, ensuring your Dubai desert safari is an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Dress code & Weather

  • Your comfort is our priority when embarking on a Dubai Desert Safari. There's no strict dress code; you can wear anything you feel comfortable in. However, it's essential to keep the weather in mind.
  • The desert can be warm during the day, so lightweight and breathable clothing is recommended. Don't forget to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. As for the Morning, when the desert breeze turns a little chilly, a light jacket or shawl will keep you cozy.

Without Dune Bashing

  • At our Dubai Desert Safari, we understand that everyone has different preferences. For those who prefer not to partake in the exhilarating dune-bashing adventure, we've got you covered. Relax in our comfortable and air-conditioned waiting area while your fellow adventurers enjoy the dune-bashing experience. You can unwind, enjoy a refreshment, or simply take in the serene desert ambiance.
  • Alternatively, if you've booked a private vehicle, we can take you directly to the picture-perfect spots and the campsite, skipping the dune bashing entirely. Your experience is all about what you want, ensuring you have the best time in the Dubai desert, your way.

Pregnant women and children

  • At our Dubai Desert Safari, safety and comfort are paramount. We want all our guests to have a memorable and safe experience in the desert. Please be aware that dune bashing can be a bit too adventurous for expectant mothers and infants.
  • Therefore, we highly recommend that pregnant women and families with infants opt for comfort by waiting in our dedicated air-conditioned waiting area. Here, you can relax, and ensure the well-being of both mother and child. Rest assured, our team is here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience in the Dubai desert. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Quad Bikes & Dune Buggies

  • We want you to make the most of your time in the Dubai desert, which is why we recommend advance booking of quad bikes and dune buggys. By doing so, you ensure a seamless and prompt start to your adventure. Without pre-booking, there may be long waiting queues, and you risk missing out on other exciting activities that the desert has to offer.
  • Don't let this happen; plan ahead to guarantee your spot and maximize your experience. Secure your quad biking and dune buggy slots now to avoid any delays and ensure an action-packed day in the Dubai desert.

Booking & Payments

  • To ensure a smooth experience for all our guests and to prevent no-shows that can impact our operations, we now require a 50% advance payment to confirm your booking. Only advance payment bookings will be considered as confirmed reservations.
  • Once you've made your reservation, our dedicated team will promptly send you the payment link for the 50% advance confirmation.This policy ensures that your spot is reserved, and our team can prepare to provide you with the best possible experience in the Dubai desert.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans can change, so we offer a flexible cancellation policy to provide you with peace of mind:

  • Cancellation made before 48 hours: You are eligible for a full refund.
  • Cancellation made between 48 and 24 hours: You will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance: Unfortunately, no refund will be provided.

More Info About Evening Safari With Dinner Buffet ( Standard Camp )

Evening Desert Safari & Red Dune Desert Safari Diffrences are Highlighted.

  • Pick up from your Hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah.
  • Pick up & Drop off by SUV ( Toyota Land Cruiser )
  • Have a comfortable joy-ride in the exquisite 4x4 Land Cruisers.
  • From Dubai to Al Aveer Desert approximately 40 minutes' Drive
  • Before the Dune bashing, convey and deflate the pressure in the tire.
  • 25-30 Minutes Thrilling Dune Bashing At Al Aveer Desert
  • Adventurous drive to reaching high Dune for a photo stop
  • 10-15 Minutes Photo stop ( Safari Guides will Click your Pics )
  • Another 10 Minutes' Drive to Reach to the Desert Safari Camp.
  • Traditional welcome at camp with Arabic Coffee Sweet & Dates.
  • 3 Star Camp Sitting arrangement on Carpet Cushions 
  • Sunset scene photography at Camp Site.
  • Sand Boarding ( Just to Click the Photos Doesnt Slide as in Snow )
  • Camel Riding ( At Camp Side Small ride just for Experience )
  • Sheesha ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ ( At Designated Area on table Optional )
  • Local Arabic Dress Photography & Henna Painting
  • Soft Drinks ( Coke, Sprite, Fanta ) Water, Tea, Coffee
  • Live BBQ, international Buffet Dinner (vegetarian & non-vegetarian)
  • Full Light and Sound on stage and around the Camp
  • Separate Toilet Facility for Men & Women 
  • Live Fire Show Performance ( By Male Artist )
  • Tanura Dance Colorful Lighting show
  • Live Belly Dance Show on Arabic Music
  • Drive back Dubai & drop off your location
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Tour Timing And Features
Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 5 Hour
Pickup & dropOff
Pickup: 02:45 PM
English / Arabic
Starting From
AED 199.00
Shared Price
Child AED 174 Adult AED 199
Private Price
From AED 885

1,009 Reviews

0 Booked

Free Cancellation

Why Book With Us?
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