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Burj Khalifa 2024 Eve | Opera House Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP Packages
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Dubai, UAE
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Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 8 Hour


Participate in luxury for Burj Khalifa 2024 Eve and attend the Opera House silver, gold, and VIP packages. The Opera House provides the setting for a luxurious New Year’s Eve with several options to choose from. As midnight approaches the Opera house is turned into an avenue a festivity with architectural grandeur and a place of cultural significance. Guests are not just invited to observe but interact with the New Year’s Eve opera house spectacle packaged into Silver, Gold, and VIP sets of maximum excellence.

Opera House Silver Package

The Silver Package is specifically aimed at individuals wanting an enjoyable and amazing night before a new year. Opera House has been opened for guests who can attend an opera or take their meal in the modern setting of the building with all amenities provided. This package targets those who love to enjoy these festivities in simplicity without lots of frills and fancies.

Opera House Gold Package

The Gold package is a step up in luxuriousness that caters for the needs of those seeking to pamper themselves with sophistication. The Gold package offers the luxury of premium seats to its beneficiaries, besides access of selected VIP sections that provide extra services to enhance their New Year celebrations at the opera house.

Opera House VIP Package

Specifically, the VIP package was made for very important persons who want nothing but the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. VIP package holders have the best facilities that offer convenience like seats on good sites, personal attention, special rooms for relaxation, and a range of sumptuary foodstuffs. This is a unique VIP New Year’s Eve package designed for the elite. Together, the Opera House Silver, Gold, and VIP packages are intended to offer options with an assurance that every guest gets their desired balance between luxury and party. The next year comes with a flamboyant display of fireworks as one clocks down midnight at the Opera House.

Included In Your Itenary

Baby Seat
Wheel Chair
Free Cancels

Tour Description

Spend a memorable New Year’s Eve eve at Burj Khalifa 2024 with us, and enjoy unmatched festivities at one of Dubai’s famous landmarks through our spectacular Opera House Silver, Gold, or VIP packages. A night of splendor, culture, and unforgettable memories at the world-renowned Opera House.

Opera House Silver Package

The Silver Package offers the ideal option for people who would love to experience the charm of the Opera House during New year’s eve. The venue is open for guests with the Silver Package enjoying a vibrant set up. This holiday consists of live performances, delicious dining selections, and the opportunity to experience an Opera House holiday event not at all lavish but still exciting.

Opera House Gold Package

The Gold Package adds spice to the celebrations for people with taste in elevation. The Gold package comes with special seats that provide the premium audience with an excellent perspective on the night show events. A gold package will provide customers with exclusive entry to specific regions, extra bonus features, and the ultimate luxury experience as they welcome 2023.

Opera House VIP Package

This is the ultimate package for people desiring a luxury experience in their party. Holders on VIP package seats get preference over other seating places and view the opera house celebrations on a clean slate. There is access offered to exclusive lounges, individual attention together with a selective line of gourmet cuisine so as to have an unforgettable New year. On New Year’s eve, the Opera Hose attracts many events and people around midnight. Be it any package selected for guests, they will experience spectacular fireworks that blazes the sky in Dubai. This beautiful setting sets the mood for both enjoyment and anticipation as Sydney gets into its new year celebrations against the backdrop of this grand opera house.

To conclude, the Opera House Silver, Gold, and VIP Packages cater for various taste needs such that guests choose what suites them best accordingly. Book your favorite package now and come for an evening of aristocracy, revelry, and splendor at one of the best Dubai VIP Events 2023

Tour Itinerary

After you booked the tour and received booking confirmation; you’ll receive the following after 20th of December via whatsapp/email.

  • Name and Number of the Contact person for your New Year 2024 eve.
  • Location Map.
  • Exact reporting time.
  • All the other necessary information.

We understand that you may need our assistance at any moment. That’s why we are proud to offer unparalleled 24/7 tour assistance, ensuring that your New Year 2024 eve will be as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Important information with Transfers.

  • The pick-up will be scheduled only from your accommodation or home in Dubai and not from the airport.
  • Depending on the traffic and location, the pick-up and drop-off times for private transfers can be changed according to the travel plan by 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Please be aware that the pick-up and drop-off times for New Year 2024 will be from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm on December 31 and 3:30 am to 4:00 am on January 1.

Important Information without Transfers

  • Please be present as there won't be a pick-up for this tour on New Year 2024.
  • 8:00 pm is the reporting time for this activity.
  • Beginning at 9:00 pm and ending at 03:30 am.

Once you have booked this New year 2024 tickets, No refund on cancellation is provided. If you miss the celebration by any means,we're not responsible and no refund will be processed. 

Additional Information

Age Policy: Children under the age of two years will not be permitted into the auditorium.
- Children aged two years old and above would require a ticket to enter the auditorium.
- Patrons under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult

Dress Code: We encourage everyone to dress up for the occasion!

Outlet Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you print your tickets before arriving.
- Mobile display of your ticket will NOT be accepted for entry
- Print at Home tickets can be presented at the door for entry, you do not need to go to the Box Office prior to that.
- Patrons arriving late to a performance will only be admitted into the venue at a suitable break.
- Any use of mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited.


There is always restrictions around Burj Khalifa for New Year's Eve.
More information coming soon

Cancellation Policy:
Ticket sales are final and no exchange of performance dates, times or seats is available once your booking is confirmed.

Refund & Exchange Policy:
Refunds/ exchanges are not permitted under any circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to, change in personal circumstances, sickness, travel restrictions, or any circumstances related to Covid-19 which might prevent you from attending.
For specific performances (e.g. Concerts), all ticket holders will be required to show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination to attend. There are no exemption categories for customers who do not have or are unable to have a vaccination. Refunds or exchanges are also not permitted in these circumstances. Please click here to check full Vaccination Requirements before purchasing. If the performance has a Vaccination Requirement, this will clearly be displayed on the Show description page. The Dubai Opera seating plan has been approved by the relevant authorities. The seating plan is complaint with all current Covid-19 precautionary measure guidelines. Refunds are not permitted in any circumstance where a customer is not satisfied with their choice of seat, or the Venue’s seating arrangement.

More Info About Burj Khalifa 2024 Eve | Opera House Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP Packages

Key Highlights:

Culinary Excellence: Your evening begins with an exquisite gala dinner featuring a sumptuous spread of international and Arabic cuisines. Expert chefs prepare a culinary journey that's as diverse as it is delicious.

Opera House Ambiance: The Opera House at Burj Khalifa is an architectural masterpiece, offering an intimate and elegant setting with stunning views of Dubai's skyline. The sophisticated decor and world-class acoustics ensure a perfect atmosphere for live performances.

Live Performances: Enjoy a mesmerizing showcase of live performances, including opera, classical music, and contemporary artists. The Opera House consistently hosts renowned artists from around the world, ensuring an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Breathtaking Views: Between acts, explore the Opera House's terrace for breathtaking views of Dubai and the impressive Burj Khalifa. It's the perfect spot to capture the city's beauty.

Night to Remember: The Burj Khalifa Opera House Gala Dinner & Live Performances is not just an event; it's an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a special celebration, a romantic evening, or a night of cultural enrichment, it offers something for every discerning guest.

New Yea's Eve 2023 Program:

Doors open: 06:00 PM
Beverages Flow Start: 06:30 PM
Dinner Starts:08:30 PM
Live Perfomance:09:00 PM
DJ:09:30 PM
Live Perfomance:10:00 PM
DJ:10:30 PM
Live Perfomance:11:00 PM
Move to Promenade: 11:30 PM
Fire Works: 12:00 AM
DJ: 12:20 AM

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Tour Timing And Features
Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 8 Hour
Starting From
AED 11000.00
Child AED 0 Adult AED 11000

113 Reviews

0 Booked

Free Cancellation

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Customer Reviews 113 Reviews | 5.0 Ratings

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