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One Seater 800 Cc Dune Buggy One Guest
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Dubai, UAE
recommended by 99% of travelers
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AED 699.00
Child AED 699 Adult AED 699

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Tour Timing And Features
Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 1 Hour


Is the ordinary chaos of day-to-day existence getting too exhausting for you? Have you ever desired running to the outside from inside the house and have got heart beating? The other one which can be added is the cheap 800cc dune buggy, the right car for a sole off-road adventure.

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Wheel Chair
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Tour Description

Imagine you are enjoying the experience of the wind blowing in your hair while sitting on the back wheel of your personal dune buggy with the engine running below you. Infinite possibilities lay up ahead, beckoning to be uncovered. If you are looking for an 800-cc dune buggy that will empower you overcome almost anything to slake your thirst for adventure, this is it.

In addition, another advantage of having such a vehicle as an 800-cc dune buggy is that it is cheap. Unlike other off-street engines that might end up paying through the nose, those toddlers cost a fortune in a pocket. Nevertheless, do not take the price as an indicator of quality; these buggies were designed to be tough on any terrain so as for you to have good value for your money and beyond. As you might be asking yourself, Why would one opt for a solo trip? So what’s the answer to it? Ultimate freedom is the last word. Imagine having the power to travel through any passage of your choice without a hitch, at will.

You don’t need your schedule compromised or be freaked out by looking like fun and so on. Off-roadings alone can connect you with nature, enable you to explore your personal space and make you challenge what you can do. You’ll have the flexibility with such an off-road dune buggy that has 800 ccs. These machines are able to handle the worst of deserts with rocks and mud. Driving through boundaries, conquer your desolated track like a Md, and it will feel like you are an authorized off-roading pro. However, it is now not just about the joys of the experience; the main charm is disconnecting from the noise of the city and allowing yourself to dive in nature which in turn has a huge impact on a person’s mental and emotional health.

Protection is our utmost importance while starting any off roading activity, and an 800cc dune buggy is designed specifically for the above-mentioned purpose. These cars are constructed keeping in mind safety options to ensure your protection at the same time as you conquer difficult high and vast red dunes of the desert. The smart and sleek design of these 800cc Yamaha quad vehicles and their swift mobility provides the rider the much-needed gliding capability in difficult areas of the Lahbab desert. Hurry up and take a break from the everyday busy routine and get on a journey jam packed with adventure, thrill and exhilaration.

Tour Itinerary

  • Starting your journey will be easy as you will be picked up right from your hotel/home in Dubai or Sharjah. Pick up time will be 8:00 AM and the drop off time would be around 12:00 PM Travel with ease in a nice SUV, enjoying yourself on your way to the beautiful Lahbab Desert.
  • Drive from Dubai towards Lahbab (the venue of the famous Red Dunes Dubai) for 60 to 75 minutes and immerse yourself fully into the spectacular scenery. Understand one seater 800 cc Dune Buggy experience and explore the largest desert territory accompanied by a professional tour guide.
  • We prioritize you safety first by putting on a helmet, goggles, and gloves before you venture into a safe yet thrilling trip. A perfect experience for risk takers is to walk with your tour leader and be on the spot for one hour solo ride in Red Dunes Dubai. Take a photography tour with out guide onto the top of the tallest red dunes Dubai and discover the heart of your journey. Keep sipping on cold soft drinks like water whose supply you will never lack as you enjoy your vacation. Proper facility of separate toilets is available for men and women.
  • Take time off and reflect on your experience through a cozy ride back in an SUV to Dubai where you will finally be dropped off of at your preferred destination.

Additional Information

  • Ready for adventure? Anyone aged 15 and over can ride with us (don’t forget your ID (Passport/Driving License/ID Card). Safety first! Ensure safety and fun by following your guide closely.
  • Ensure that you have digested the agreement before the dunes come calling. Your safety is our priority! I would like to point out that our firm has no liability for damage to quad bikes and buggies caused in your session.
  • Do you want personalized experience? Our private tour of a luxury desert car with drivers who possess desert safari licenses will take care of everything.
  • Complimentary cold drinks, water bottles, and soft juices are provided by the company to keep you in top shape. We ensure comfortable travelling across the deserts with our fleet of legal, insured, and air-conditioned cars.
  • Convenience is key! We offer complementary transport to and fro all our Desert Safaris from within Dubai up to Sharjah. Prefer cash over credit? No problem! Our guide will be taking you on a tour, just make sure to pay in any currency of your choice upon pick-up on that particular day.
  • A layover in Dubai and planning for a Desert Escapade. A meeting point at the airport as well as after the safari for pick-up and dropping is also included.
  • Cruise stopover? Book your desert safaris through us and we shall provide you with details via an email in order to have a hassle free experience. Our chauffeur service is offered on a all-inclusive basis; no matter where you stay – whether an apartment, hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah, we pick you up and drop at your doorstep.
  • Prepare for exciting desert safari with us!

More Info About One Seater 800 Cc Dune Buggy One Guest

  • Pick up from your Hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah.
  • Pick up & Drop off by SUV have a comfortable joy-ride in the exquisite.
  • From Dubai to Lahbab Desert approximately 60 to 75 minutes' Drive
  • Lahbab Desert ( Red Dunes the biggest desert in the territory )
  • Experienced Tour Guide will guide you about the Dune Buggy.
  • Rider safety gear Put on Helmet, Goggles and Gloves.
  • Get ready for fun & thrill and follow the tour leader.
  • 1 Hour Single Seater Self Drive Dune Buggy at Red Dunes.
  • Photography at the highest Dunes ( Guide will click your pics )
  • Get an unlimited supply of Chilled Soft Drinks and Water.
  • Separate Toilet Facility for Men & Women
  • Drive back Dubai & drop off your location
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Tour Timing And Features
Tour Service: Daily
Duration: 1 Hour
Starting From
AED 699.00
Child AED 699 Adult AED 699

136 Reviews

0 Booked

Free Cancellation

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Customer Reviews 136 Reviews | 5.0 Ratings

William Evans
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Kevin King
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Donald Johnson
If you are lucky enough and surroundings permits, you may get a prospe...read more
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Take pleasure in a genuine buffet with both international and home dis...read more
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Take your pictures while clad in real Arabic dress so as to represent...read more
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Have the temporary tattoos on your hands or feet with henna. Doing thi...read more
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Camel is usually served as “the transport of the Desert,” as you can l...read more
Amndi Thiam
Inventive performances such as traditional songs, dance, and legends a...read more
Khady Ciss
View the dazzling spectacle as the night falls into the Desert Safari...read more
Yannick Gomis
Take pleasure in an amusing and enthusiastic trip on the superb Sand D...read more
"Carlos Ted "
An evening in Desert Safari is exciting as it ensures us with diverse...read more
Chester Ostby
Desert safari time to time offers some workshops where they have chanc...read more
Brett Lemond
You can learn about the history of falconry and gaze at wonderful exhi...read more
Clement D
The nighttime sky is very clear with minor or no luminosity smog in De...read more
Tim B
A Desert Safari camp spot provides an exceptional chance for experienc...read more
Donald Baker
Enjoyment in in an extravagant buffet, serving a variety of Arabic dis...read more
Edward Miller
We just left spellbound! A miracle happens during sundown when the sky...read more
Donald Clark
Experience an extraordinary vision of the dusk in the Desert Safari. I...read more
Edward Campbell
Having a ride on the marvelous Sand Dunes in Desert Safari is usually...read more
Kenneth Evans
Take an exhilarating journey through the Sand Dunes on 4×4 rides manag...read more
Christopher Allen
Moreover, an evening in Desert Safari can be exciting as well. We had...read more
John Turner
Observe how people sought with birds during the past times. Falcons in...read more
Donald Turner
The Desert Safari experience can also provide a channel illustrating t...read more
Daniel Adams
However, if lucky and conditions permits, you may get an opportunity o...read more
Jeff Smith
Enjoy on an actual buffet with both global and local cuisines. This ca...read more
Adil Faiz
Try the momentary tattoos on your hands or feet with henna. The activi...read more
David Allen
Travel on a camel, a “the transport of the Desert,” as you can enjoy a...read more
Ronald Perez
Artistic performances such as customary melody, dance, and myths are a...read more
James Allen
Observe the stunning sight as the sun sets into the Desert Safari land...read more
Michael Rodriguez
Enjoy an entertaining and enthusiastic ride on the superb Sand Dunes,...read more
Thomas Brown
An evening in Desert Safari is exhilarating as it provides us with var...read more
Bless Camdny
Desert safari occasionally offers some workshops where they have likel...read more
Jose Bennett
You can learn about the past of falconry and watch wonderful shows fea...read more
Silas Nicholas
The night sky is very obvious with slight or no light effluence in Des...read more
Parker Beau
A Desert Safari camp location offers an outstanding chance for experie...read more
Dominic Xavier
Delight in in a profligate buffet, serving various Arabic dishes in De...read more
Jaxson Jace
In most cases, the cultural performances are occurred around a burning...read more
Legend Myles
A few Desert Safari entertainments offer rides on quad bikes around th...read more
Harrison August
You must have an escapade and drive through the desert in a 4×4 car fo...read more
Bryson Giovanni
You can travel around the Desert Safari like in the old days, travelin...read more
Chase Diego
Desert safari is the most admirable way to enliven your relaxation tim...read more
Milo Jasper
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Walker Jason
Desert Safari night also involves shows that give you an idea about th...read more
Jason Brayden
Most succulent experience we had in Desert Safari! An exceptional dini...read more
Brayden Cole
Desert Safari night ensures a luxurious buffet extensive meal with nat...read more
Cole Nathaniel
The Desert Safari camps may include creative shows where you would gai...read more
Nathaniel George
You can enjoy a vista of seeing the stars as the night begins in Deser...read more
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